The Everyone Tripod

Everyone Tripod Snapshot

The universal cure for shaky telescope tripod legs? I’m going to find out this weekend!

I’ve just created a page to house my design information and thoughts on what I’m calling The Everyone Tripod. It’s a design project that’s been literally years in the making, as I’ve used countless telescopes that were pretty good except their tripod legs were flimsy. With the acquisition of the incredible $199 Costco exclusive Celestron Nexstar 102GT, however, I decided to do a little recon at the local Home Depot and see what was available. After noodling a bit, I mocked up my design in SolidWorks and this weekend I’m putting it together. I’m pretty excited because so far the cost is $40 and everything but the spreader and the leg slots are available from my local Home Depot (they cut the leg pieces to length for me in seconds at no additional cost). You can find the details on my dedicated project page.

2 thoughts on “The Everyone Tripod

  1. Hi! This is exactly the project I was looking for. I would like to avoid to restart from scratch, but the link to your plans looks not working. There is any way for you to share them here? Thanks!

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