I’ve added a new section to my blog for Food & Cooking, where I’ve published my own version of jambalaya that’s diabetic-friendly and healthier than the traditional recipes I’ve come across, but still true to the signature flavors of the dish. I’ll share other recipes, cookbooks, and restaurant dishes here too, and would love to see your comments and feedback.

2 thoughts on “AstroChef?

  1. Thank you for your great article on the C6 telescope! I still have and love mine. Do you know of a RA motor that will work with the original German equatorial mount? The one I purchased with the unit in the 80’s is not working. Will the new Celestron RA drive fit this mount. Thanks so much!

    1. Sorry, but I don’t know what modern version of the drive would be compatible. I would try one of the “Logic drives” from Celestron that are variable-speed and maybe match through trial and error; they come with a few brackets that seem to fit the Vixen mounts I’ve tried them on. Good luck 🙂

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