This video was created from a series of 224 images taken from 8:58pm to 10:46pm on Thursday, July 16 at Harrington Beach State Park. 

To take these images, I used a Canon M6 Mark II mirrorless camera coupled to a Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 lens, mounted on a tripod. I shot at ISO 3200, and in Aperture Priority mode set to f/1.4 and allowing the camera to automatically set the exposure. Exposure times varied from 1/4 second in the beginning to 4 seconds at the end, with a 30 second delay between each exposure. A wired remote Canon TC-80N3 intervalometer was used to set the interval time and run the exposure series. 

The series of camera RAW files were brought directly into Apple iMovie, without any post-processing, and the length of display time per image was adjusted to create a video nine seconds long.

This time lapse has been viewed roughly twelve thousand times on social media over the first week it was posted, including over eight thousand times on Facebook alone. I have a direct link to the video on my personal website, for those who would like to see it without the compression that social media sites impose.

2 thoughts on “Comet NEOWISE

  1. Just stumbled across your site. I sure hope you continue updating it. Especially like the telescope posts and the wooden tripod as well as links to other Astronomy blogs. Thanks again. Jim

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